by Andy Lightbody

The Terrorism Survival Guide

Andy Lightbody's highly anticipated modernization of his 1987 New York Times Bestseller The Terrorism Survival Guide - 101 Travel Tips on How NOT to Become a Victim is now revised and updated containing 201 valuable and practical tips for today's wary traveler.

Should we let the terrorists accomplish their real goals and scare us out of our right to travel the world?  Events in the past few years may suggest that we are helpless to avoid modern terrorism.   Andy Lightbody disagrees.

These tips of wisdom may make the difference in either avoiding catastrophe or proper thinking an already developed situation.  This functional and concise book is a guide no modern traveler should be without.

Andy Lightbody is a noted military, terror and travel analyst for major news outlets, radio, TV, and magazines. In his book he shows you how to take away the fear of travel and put back the "fun/comfort" factor. Hundreds of easy to read and follow travel safety tips and contact information that is designed to make you a wiser, smarter and more self-protected traveler-- but domestically and internationally.

"Seventeen years after writing the first Terrorism Survival Guide (1987, Dell Publishing), I was still receiving requests from readers, viewers and radio listeners asking me... where can I get a copy of your book with all those travel safety tips? I decided that travel safety was very different in the post 9/11 days, and yet many of my original tips on how NOT to become a victim of terrorism or a criminal act, were as relevant today as they were when I researched and then wrote that book.

"That's when I decided to write a new edition. It was obvious to me that while the world circumstances may change, being a savvy, well-informed and safe traveler does not! Its time to tell the terrorists, the criminals or anyone that is trying to frighten us into giving up our right and privilege to travel for business or pleasure-- we will no longer be intimidated!"

As heard in broadcasts nationwide, Andy's new book The Terrorism Survival Guide—201 Travel Tips On How NOT To Become A Victim is now available in an exclusive online sale.

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"The days of carefree travel are not what they used to be. Today, the concerns about travel safety-- terrorism, crimes and scams has likely never been greater."

People in general think they can solve any situation when they're in the middle of it, yet the best way of solving a situation is to not get into it in the first place.  It's impossible to foresee the best action for a dangerous situation;  it makes sense to have the mental tools to avoid it altogether.

"Chance favors the prepared mind." - Louis Pasteur

Andy's book is designed to assist travelers who won't succumb to terror in raising their awareness level.